Logan 2017

In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hideout on the Mexican border. But Logan's attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are upended when a young mutant arrives, pursued by dark forces.

Hulk vs. Wolverine 2009

Department H sends in Wolverine to track down a mysterious beast known by the US Military as the Hulk, who is rampaging across the Canadian wilderness. Surveying the extent of the damage to a destroyed town, Wolverine notices a toxic scent as well as the smell of gunpowder. He is then deployed to the wilderness to resume tracking the creature.

Wolverine Unleashed: The Complete Origins 2009

Producer Lauren Schuler Donner starts this behind-the-scenes piece off by discussing how they initially wanted to tell Wolverine's Japan arc, but how the studio insisted that they give audiences an origins story first. What follows is a short, Hugh Jackman-centric look at the film's production, focusing on the character of Wolverine. The film's stunt coordinator discusses Jackman's commitment to bulking up-drinking a dozen egg whites a day and going on an intense fitness regime-and director Gavin Hood explains Wolverine's degree of self-loathing about his own nature. We also see some of the design work that went into the film, including the sculpting of young Logan's bone claws and the re-invention of the adamantium tank. Jackman comes off personable as always, and it's clear that he really loves this role.

Wolverine: Origin 2013

Wolverine is the best there is at what he does--although of course, what he does isn’t very nice. But long before he was a member of the X-Men, a tormented experiment of the Weapon X project, or even a savage bar brawler known as Logan, he was simply a young boy. What incredible forces created this man, the world’s greatest killing machine? For years, Wolverine has searched desperately for answers from his past, from the wilds of the Canadian wilderness to the teeming cities of Japan and beyond. And despite his perseverance and longing for the truth, he remains an enigma to himself and those around him. But, in this landmark event, Marvel reveals all: The birth and childhood of young James Howlett…the intriguing secrets of his family history…and the tragedy that changed everything. Welcome to the greatest story never told.

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk 2013

Following Hulk's murderous rampage through Manhattan, Dr. Bruce Banner was sentenced to execution, bringing an end to The Hulk . Or did it? When reports of a mysterious creature start creeping in from around the world, Nick Fury starts to get suspicious. Not only is Fury worried about Banner's rage turning him into an unstoppable monster, but his existence is the one secret that can bring down Nick Fury! Turning to the only man he can trust, Fury enlists Wolverine to help, and Wolverine is glad to take down Banner by any means necessary!

Code Name: Wolverine 1996

Harry Gordini is on his way to Italy for a holiday with his family. On his way he accidentally picks up the wrong suitcase which holds in it hundreds of millions worth of new superdrug. Now the drugdealers want the drugs back and kidnap Harry's wife and son. But unfortunately Harry isn't just anyone, he's an ex-Navy SEAL and veteran of the Gulf war, code named "Wolverine". He successfully rescues his wife and kid from the drugdealers, but unfortunately their problems aren't yet over. Adolfo Jones, the head of the crime organisation, is still at large, and he's being helped by couple of dirty DEA-agents. Once again the drugdealer Jones is able to kidnap his son. So everything must come down to a final showdown between the "Wolverine" and Jones...

Wolverine Versus Sabretooth: Reborn 2015

Wolverine and Sabretooth have been locked in an endless grudge match that goes back longer than either can remember: or even imagine. The key to victory is eons old, and it’s certain to rock their world. It’s the epic conclusion to the duo’s greatest battle!

Wolverine: The Last Phantom 2009

Join us as we travel throughout North America in search of the elusive wolverine. Known as the phantom of the northern forests, wolverines live only in isolated areas, and in turn are rarely seen by humans. This captivating wildlife adventure tries to uncover the mysteries surrounding a unique and endangered species.

Wolverine Versus Sabretooth 2014

It's claw versus claw as Logan faces his age-old foe in the latest Marvel Knights Animation, Wolverine Vs. Sabretooth.

Weapon X - Codename: Wolverine 2010

Experience a Wolverine Origins movie closer to continuity, involving Logan's attempts with Professor X to restore his fragmented mind. Completely removes all mentions, references and conversations indicating Wolverine and Sabertooth being related. Completely removes all plot threads regarding Logan volunteering for the Weapon X program. Many action scenes tightened, removing over the top elements. Removes Silver Fox having mutant powers and being Emma Frost's sister. Weapon XI: Stryker's pet project, a merge of many mutants' powers to create their antithesis; this character is now stand alone and not a bad adaptation. Japan epilogue included following the current Marvel movie trend.

X-Men: The Legend of Wolverine 2003

The most popular Super Hero Team in history is ready for action in a spectacular series of thrilling adventures. When a familiar face from Wolverine's former life resurfaces, he must wage a war he never intended. Ultimately, the X-Men must join forces with Magneto in a fight to save all mutants from annihilation. Discover the truth of Wolverine's secret past, and watch his decisive battle as he is forced to make a choice that will forever affect the fate of the X-Men.

Wolverine and the X-Men: Revelation

With just about a week left until the end of the world, Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men dig in to uncover the shocking revelation that could bring it all to a halt. But they're also battling an equally menacing threat from within. Elsewhere, Xavier is sending information from the future that might help the X-Men solve the puzzle, and Angel is risking everything -- including his wings -- to challenge his father.

Wolverine Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today 2014

It’s the debut of an all-new, all-different Deathlok. Killer cyborgs have come from the future to kill the heroes of today, while Wolverine embarks on an international pub crawl with a certain recently reborn Sentinel of Liberty. Beer and bullets galore!

Wolverine: Weapon X - Tomorrow Dies Today 2014

In this chapter of Marvel's Deathlok the Demolisher saga, Wolverine faces a sinister enterprise bent on destroying every last superhero. When the evil corporation sends cyborg assassins after them, Wolverine teams with an unlikely ally.

Wolverine and the X-Men: Fate of the Future 2010

WOLVERINE and the X-MEN race through time to regain control of their destiny in Volume 4: FATE OF THE FUTURE. Evil attempts to rewrite the past, and the mutant heroes must prevent a perilous future in these five time-bending episodes. History repeats itself when Wolverine's past resurfaces, forcing him to repay old debts in "Stolen Lives." In "Code of Conduct," Wolverine's history returns again when the X-Men are threatened by the SILVER SAMURAI who challenges the adamantine hero to anohter duel. In "Badlands," LOGAN's captivity helps spawn a new breed of SENTINELS to terrorize the future. And before MOJO rips their friendship apart, NIGHTCRAWLER struggles to convince a brainwashed Wolverine of their lost days together in "Hunting Grounds." Finally, in "Backlash," when Wolverine learns that MASTER MOLD is the same nemesis for tomorrow's X-Men, he must protect his fellow mutants before the future becomes obsolete.

Wolverine 2011

Wolverine is a mutant, possessing animal-keen senses, enhanced psychical capabilities, three retracting bone claws on each hand and a healing factor that allows him to recover from virtually any wound, disease or toxin at a accelerated rate.

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk 2013

Following Hulk's murderous rampage through Manhattan, Dr. Bruce Banner was sentenced to execution, bringing an end to The Hulk . Or did it? When reports of a mysterious creature start creeping in from around the world, Nick Fury starts to get suspicious. Not only is Fury worried about Banner's rage turning him into an unstoppable monster, but his existence is the one secret that can bring down Nick Fury! Turning to the only man he can trust, Fury enlists Wolverine to help, and Wolverine is glad to take down Banner by any means necessary!

All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines 2018

All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines goes behind-the-scenes of the winningest program in college football to chronicle Michigan's 2017 season. Head coach Jim Harbaugh leads his alma mater's young team as the series provides an intimate look at the lives, both on the field and off, of the student athletes charged with carrying on Michigan's legacy.

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