15 Minutes 2001

When Eastern European criminals Oleg and Emil come to New York City to pick up their share of a heist score, Oleg steals a video camera and starts filming their activities, both legal and illegal. When they learn how the American media circus can make a remorseless killer look like the victim and make them rich, they target media-savvy NYPD Homicide Detective Eddie Flemming and media-naive FDNY Fire Marshal Jordy Warsaw, the cops investigating their murder and torching of their former criminal partner, filming everything to sell to the local tabloid TV show "Top Story."

88 Minutes 2007

A college professor who moonlights as a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI, receives a death threat claiming he has only 88 minutes to live.

30 Minutes or Less 2011

Two fledgling criminals kidnap a pizza delivery guy, strap a bomb to his chest, and advise him that he has mere hours to rob a bank or else...

96 Minutes 2011

The story of 4 lives slammed together in a shocking moment. Intercutting between a carjacking and the separate stories of the 4 kids, we watch as they hurtle toward a life-changing end.

Five Minutes of Heaven 2009

The story of former UVF member Alistair Little. Twenty-five years after Little killed Joe Griffen's brother, the media arrange an auspicious meeting between the two.

15 Minutes of War 2019

February 1976. Somalian rebels hijack a school bus carrying 21 French children and their teacher in Djibouti City. When the terrorists drive it to a no-man’s-land on the border between Somalia and French territory, the French Government sends out a newly formed elite squad to rescue the hostages. Within a few hours, the highly trained team arrives to the crisis area, where the Somalian National Army has taken position behind the barbed wire on the border. The French unit is left with very few options to rescue the hostages. As the volatile situation unravels, the French men quickly come up with a daring plan: carry out a simultaneous 5 men sniper attack to get the children and the teacher out safely. A true story.

Minutes to Midnight 2018

On the cusp of New Year's Eve, seven friends and a mysterious backpacker converge at a desolate ski lodge in the mountains when they are systematically hunted down by ruthless masked men with a cryptic agenda.

90 Minutes in Heaven 2015

A man involved in a horrific car crash is pronounced dead, only to come back to life an hour and a half later, claiming to have seen Heaven.

Minutes 1964

Another early Aleksandar Petrovic documentary, done for Dunav film in 1964. It is made as a kind of a road movie through socialist Yugoslavia, registering numerous bizarre sites and events, with strong irony both in the selection of scenes and in the background commentaries. Originally filmed in 16mm.

80 Minutes 2008

80 minutes to live or die. Alex got injected with a high tech poison by his creditor and put on a time clock to pay his debt back in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Will he make it or even further will he stay loyal to his friends and relatives under a pressure like running out of time?

4 Years in 10 Minutes 2018

On mysterious cassettes forgotten or left behind for 17 years, a disturbing filmic material is revealed. Accompanied by the extracts of a diary written by the protagonist standing behind the camera, the images translate into a singular and transformative intimate experience. Mladen Kovačević constructs a film using sequences retracing a Serbian expedition to Mount Everest. Images from another time, shot in the almost alien, mystical landscapes reveal enigmatic characters, perilous circumstances and the suspense of confrontation to the real limits of human capabilities. An adventure film, as rigorous as it is melancholic, based on skilful editing.

7 Minutes 2016

Women in a failing silk factory, fight to find a way to keep their jobs.

10 Minutes 2002

10 minutes doesn't seem long to a Japanese tourist waiting for some photos in Rome, but a lot can happen in the same 10 minutes for a family in Sarajevo during the Bosnian War.

Three minutes 2008

"Three minutes" is a film in the fantasy genre. It is the love story between Alex, a journalist who, forced to speak very quickly in his newscast, must take this substance that accelerates his nervous system and Ana, a young piano student who in order to become a concert pianist, needs to gain speed in her piano playing. They both end up over accelerating and finding each other in a parallel world where everything around them seems to have stopped moving. In this motionless world, they will live their great romance.

Four Minutes 2005

Sir Roger Bannister's historic running of the sub-four-minute mile is celebrated in Four Minutes, an inspiring and respectably authentic TV movie about breaking the most famous barrier in the history of sports.

7 Minutes 2010

Seven minutes - sweet moment that can change lives forever. History of several autumn, although extremely hot days in the life of Piotr Winkler (Przemyslaw Sadowski), who in an unexpected way loses control over his stable and secure life. 37-year-old designer, happy husband of Marta (Agnieszka Warchulska) and Agnieszka's father, goes to conference as a substitute for a colleague. There he meets an attractive brunette (Anna Prus), which will soon topple the peaceful, happy world upside down.

Minutes 2017

Six single-take stories connecting the most important minutes in characters' lives.

3 ½ Minutes, 10 Bullets 2015

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving November 2012, four boys in a red SUV pull into a gas station after spending time at the mall buying sneakers and talking to girls. With music blaring, one boy exits the car and enters the store, a quick stop for a soda and a pack of gum. A man and a woman pull up next to the boys in the station, making a stop for a bottle of wine. The woman enters the store and an argument breaks out when the driver of the second car asks the boys to turn the music down. 3½ minutes and ten bullets later, one of the boys is dead. 3½ MINUTES dissects the aftermath of this fatal encounter.

Minutes Past Midnight 2016

As midnight falls, all manner of terror invades the Earth. demons, cannibals, killers, ghosts and monsters swarm the world in these tales of the supernatural, the fantastic, and the just plain horrific. Featuring nine stories of horror.

60 Minutes

America's popular television News magazine in which an ever changing team of CBS News correspondents contribute segments ranging from hard news coverage to politics to lifestyle and pop culture.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes 2009

This Hour Has 22 Minutes is a weekly Canadian television comedy that airs on CBC Television. Launched in 1993 during Canada's 35th general election, the show focuses on Canadian politics, combining news parody, sketch comedy and satirical editorials. Originally featuring Cathy Jones, Rick Mercer, Greg Thomey and Mary Walsh, the series featured satirical sketches of the weekly news and Canadian political events. The show's format is a mock news program, intercut with comic sketches, parody commercials and humorous interviews of public figures. The on-location segments are frequently filmed with slanted camera angles. Its full name is a parody of This Hour Has Seven Days, a CBC newsmagazine from the 1960s; the "22 Minutes" refers to the fact that a half-hour television program in Canada and the U.S. is typically 22 minutes long with eight minutes of commercials. Jones and Walsh had previously worked together on the sketch comedy series CODCO, on which Thomey sometimes appeared as a guest. Mercer had been a notable young writer and performer on his own, touring several successful one-man shows of comedic political commentary.

60 Minutes 1979

60 Minutes, an Australian version of the U.S. television newsmagazine 60 Minutes, airs on Sunday nights on the Nine Network and is presented in much the same way as the American program on which it is based. The New Zealand version of the show has also featured segments of the Australian version. Gerald Stone, the founding executive producer, was given the job by Kerry Packer and was told: "I don't give a f... what it takes. Just do it and get it right." After the first episode was broadcast on 11 February 1979, Packer was less than impressed, telling Stone: "You've blown it, son. You better fix it fast." Over the years, Stone's award winning 60 Minutes revolutionised Australian current affairs reporting and enhanced the careers of Ray Martin, Ian Leslie, George Negus, and later Jana Wendt. Since it was first broadcast, 60 Minutes has won five Silver Logies, one Special Achievement Logie, and received nominations for a further six Logie awards.

Les Cinq Dernières Minutes 1958

Les Cinq Dernieres Minutes is a crime based French television series, created by Claude Loursais, broadcast from the 1st January 1958 till 20 December 1996. The show was aired in four series on several channels. The first series was broadcast in 56 episodes between 1 January 1958 and 7 November 1973 on RTF. After an intermediary series of four 90 minute episodes were broadcast from 19 July 1974 to 16 January 1975, a second 72 episode series was broadcast from 1975 to 1993, then a third 17 episode series from 1993 to 1996 was broadcast on Antenne 2.

33 Minutes Detective 2008

Rokuro Kurama is a private detective. His mission is to use all up the airtime (33 min.) to solve a quite simple case which must be settled in 5 min. His wild guesses and imagination increase the number of suspects, and his ambiguous reasoning turns the cases upside down. Can he finally discover the offender? Can he really spend on all 33 minutes broadcast time? This is a thrilling yet lax comedy. Be careful of what he says! He is a detective story aficionado, and a mystery geek. He believes in ghosts and UFOs. He hates the sight of blood and dead bodies. Actually he has a sharp insight and a creative imagination, but his reasoning is always just a guess. When he wrongly accuses people of a crime, he sends them a gift with a note "I'm sorry about the mistake".

Vingt Minutes

Vingt Minutes was a French language educational program broadcast by the BBC, which occasionally featured retired footballer David Ginola. During the several episodes that are 18:45 minutes in length, it demonstrates what it would be like to partake in a French exchange. The main character Micheal Fairclough is a young man from Northern Ireland who keeps a video diary whilst in France. Through his experience, there are a number of things that the viewer learns of the French culture and language. It is very great for all children which will or might be going onto a French exchange in their life on day. The program illustrates French games and what French people do for a living. The main character Michael Fairclough is staying with the Garibaldi family for his French Exchange, including his Pen-Pal Isabelle, her brother Alain, and their parents.

Bicentennial Minutes

Bicentennial Minutes was a series of short educational American television segments commemorating the bicentennial of the American Revolution. The segments were produced by the CBS Television Network and broadcast nightly from July 4, 1974, until December 31, 1976. The segments were sponsored by Shell Oil Company. The series was created by Ethel Winant and Louis Friedman of CBS, who had overcome the objections of network executives who considered it to be an unworthy use of program time. The producer of the series was Paul Waigner, the executive producer was Bob Markell, and the executive story editor and writer was Bernard Eismann from 1974 to 1976. He was followed by Jerome Alden. In 1976, the series received an Emmy Award in the category of Special Classification of Outstanding Program and Individual Achievement. It also won a Special Christopher Award in 1976. The videotaped segments were one minute long and were broadcast each night during prime time hours, generally at approximately 8:57 P.M. Eastern time. The format of the segments did not change, although each segment featured a different narrator, often a CBS network television star. The narrator, after introducing himself or herself, would state "This is a Bicentennial Minute," followed by the phrase "Two hundred years ago today..." and a description a historical event or personage prominent on that particular date two hundred years before during the American Revolution. The segment would close with the narrator saying, "I'm, and that's the way it was." This was an offhand reference to the close of the weeknight CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, who always ended each news telecast by saying, "And that's the way it is."

Heritage Minutes

Heritage Minutes, also known officially as Historica Minutes: History by the Minute, are a series of sixty-second short films, each illustrating an important moment in Canadian history. They appear frequently on Canadian television and in cinemas before movies and are now also sold on DVD. The Minutes were first introduced on March 31, 1991 as part of a one-off heavily-promoted history quiz show hosted by Rex Murphy. The thirteen original short films were broken up and run between shows on CBC Television and CTV Network. The continued broadcast of the Minutes and the production of new ones was pioneered by Charles Bronfman's CRB Foundation, Canada Post Power Broadcasting, and the National Film Board. They were devised, developed and largely narrated by noted Canadian broadcaster Patrick Watson, while the producer of the series was Robert Guy Scully. In 2009 Historica merged with The Dominion Institute to become The Historica-Dominion Institute. While the foundations have not paid networks to air Minutes, they have made them freely available, and in the early years paid to have them run in cinemas across the country. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has ruled that Heritage Minutes are an "on-going dramatic series" thus each minute counts as ninety-seconds of a station's Canadian content requirements.

120 Minutes

120 Minutes is a show on MTV Two that was broadcast nightly at 1am. In the tradition of the US show of the same name, it showcased music videos from "the newest, most innovative acts in rock, left field and electronic music". In the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, 120 Minutes was originally featured on MTV Europe from 1990, hosted during its first years by VJ Paul King and, from 1994 on, by ex-Wonder Stuff frontman Miles Hunt. It disappeared in late June 1995, but was replaced by a similar show, Alternative Nation, which was shown on MTV Europe on Tuesday nights at midnight CET until July 2010. 120 Minutes returned in 2003 to MTV2 Europe, replacing a similar show, 2eclectic, which had sporadically occupied various late-night slots.

60 Minutes

60 Minutes is the name of a television newsmagazine show previously broadcast in New Zealand on TV3. The show began in New Zealand in 1989 based on an American programme by the same name. The programme is to broadcast on Prime TV from 2013 and will be hosted by Charlotte Bellis, weekend anchor of Prime News: First at 5.30, will host 60 Minutes for the network alongside her news duties. The broadcaster of 60 Minutes has changed twice during the 1990s. It was one of TV3's flagship programmes when TV3 went to air in 1989. Then in 1992, TVNZ won the rights to the programme. After being shown on TV1 from 1993 to 2002, TVNZ decided not to renew the rights the show from CBS, and the rights were reacquired by TV3. Following this, there was a fight over the www.60minutes.co.nz domain, which for a short time, redirected to the site on TVNZ's replacement Sunday. Currently, the domain redirects to the www.cbs.com website.

120 Minutes

120 Minutes is a television show in the United States dedicated to alternative music, originally airing on MTV from 1986 to 2000, and then on MTV's sister channel MTV2 from 2001 to 2003. After its cancellation, MTV2 premiered a replacement show called Subterranean. A similar but separate VH1 Classic program, VH1 Classic 120 Minutes, plays many classic alternative videos that were regularly seen on 120 Minutes in its heyday. 120 Minutes returned as a monthly series on MTV2 on July 30, 2011, with Matt Pinfield as host.

40 Minutes

40 Minutes was a BBC TV documentary strand broadcast on BBC Two between 1981 and 1994. Some documentaries in the original series were revisited and updated in a 2006 version, Forty Minutes On.

Sixty Minutes

Sixty Minutes was a news and current affairs programme which ran each day at 5:40pm between 24 October 1983 to 27 July 1984 on BBC1. It replaced the Nationwide programme, and like Nationwide, it also integrated the BBC regional news programmes into a single magazine programme. However, the BBC's News department stoutly maintained its independence from colleagues in Current Affairs, and the first 15 minutes of news was almost a separate programme, followed by 20 minutes from BBC regional news before the final 25 minutes of national current affairs. Accordingly the format was unwieldy, with neither the conciseness of a bulletin nor the softness of the show's predecessor, Nationwide. The editor, David Lloyd, poached Nick Ross from the highly popular Breakfast Time to front the show, along with Desmond Wilcox, Sarah Kennedy, and Sally Magnusson. Sarah Kennedy was unable to join the team at the programme's launch but eventually began to present the show after Wilcox was dismissed early in the show's run. The news bulletins were usually read by Jan Leeming, Moira Stuart or Richard Whitmore. The programme was not well received and although its ratings eventually began to improve it broadcast its final edition on Friday 27 July 1984. Throughout August, BBC1 reverted to placing the early evening news at 5.40pm followed by the regional news magazines, before launching a new schedule on 3 September 1984 with the Six O'clock News. Arguably, another legacy was the eventual integration of the BBC News and current affairs departments.

Mastodon Minutes

Mastodon Minutes was the weekly news program for Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne and taped at the College Access Television Studios, Walter E. Helmke Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

30 Minutes

30 Minutes is an American educational news magazine television series that aired on CBS from 1978 to 1982 following its Saturday Morning cartoon lineup. Patterned after 60 Minutes, its topics ranged from acne and rock bands to the Ku Klux Klan and juvenile defendants.

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