My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2002

A young Greek woman falls in love with a non-Greek and struggles to get her family to accept him while she comes to terms with her heritage and cultural identity.

Get Him to the Greek 2010

Pinnacle records has the perfect plan to get their sinking company back on track: a comeback concert in LA featuring Aldous Snow, a fading rockstar who has dropped off the radar in recent years. Record company intern Aaron Green is faced with the monumental task of bringing his idol, out of control rock star Aldous Snow, back to LA for his comeback show.

The Greek Tycoon 1978

A lusty Greek shipping magnate courts the widow of an assassinated U.S. president.

Going Greek 2001

Loner freshman Jake Taylor is forced to join the wildest fraternity on campus when the frat brothers refuse to accept his geeky cousin/roommate unless Jake agrees to pledge with him. As the semester progresses, Jake struggles to maintain his grades as well as his affair with Paige, a beautiful sophomore who hates all fraternities. Through naked scavenger hunts, sorority ass-signings and all night

Greek Pete 2009

Just as doctors, lawyers and others strive to reach the top of their professions, Greek Pete (Peter Pittaros) longs to reach the pinnacle of his. The only difference is that he's a rent boy, and the recognition he seeks is a nod from the World Escort Awards. Sexually explicit and emotionally honest, Greek Pete provides a rare glimpse of life as a sex worker, focusing on the business details and intellectual realities of being a male escort.

A Greek Tragedy 1985

Three scantily-clad female figures struggle to hold up the crumbling remains of an ancient Greek temple.

Just Another Immigrant: Romesh at the Greek 2018

Romesh Ranganathan, a successful comedian in England, moves his entire family to Los Angeles to pursue his lifelong dream of making it as a stand-up comedian in America. He then takes the drastic, and possibly foolish, step of performing his first ever U.S. stand-up show at the six-thousand seat historic Greek Theater.

A Greek Woman in the Harem 1971

Poor Rena tries to find money to pay her lottery partner because she destroyed the wining lottery-ticket.She and her brothers who try to help her end up in harem.

Greek Pride 1968

Telemachus must first marry his sister Chrisanti, in order then to marry her himself in Fofo. But it is not easy because Chrysanthi is older. Since grooms are not shown, ends on ads. They answer the pensioner Kritonas Stefanis and Ellinoargentinos Rokas.

Greek Meets Greek 1920

Eddie Boland is a scholar of Greek philosophy and is in his study when the butler interrupts him with a message. In the next room his sister (Ethel Broadhurst) has her friends over and are making a lot of noise. The professor flips and confronts them all and resorts to mocking them with "you dress like peacocks and dance like turkeys."

Greek Mirthology 1954

Popeye is trying to get his nephews to eat their spinach, so he tells them about how Hercules (Popeye) defeated a bully (Bluto).

Greek Holiday 2005

Two young students - Sonya and Ippolit - are spending their holiday time in sunny Greece. But not everything is going as planned.

It's Greek to Me-ow! 1961

This cartoon opens with a narrator introducing the ancient Greek Acropolis, describing its wealth and beautiful architecture. Tom is depicted as one of these inhabitants, an alley cat who lives in the shadows of Athens searching for food.

Jack Johnson - A Weekend at the Greek 2005

A Weekend at the Greek (shot at Berkeley's famed Greek Theatre at the beginning of his US tour, September 19th & 20th, 2005 to promote In Between Dreams). 1. In Between Dreams Medley; 2. Never Know; 3. Taylor; 4. Posters; 5. Gone; 6. From Cuba to Tribe; 7. Sitting Waiting Wishing; 8. Flake; 9. The Openers; 10. The Accordion Set (Belle / Banana Pancakes); 11. Breakdown (with Dan Lebowitz); 12. I Never Intended to Have Songs that Said La-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da; 13. Sad to Know You're Wasting My Time; 14. Staple it Together (with Money Mark); 15. If I Could (with Money Mark); 16. Inaudible Memories; 17. Rodeo Clowns (with G. Love); 18. Mudfootball (with G. Love); 19. Plastic Jesus / Fall Line / Spring Wind; 20. No Other Way; 21. Better Together (with G. Love); 22. Girl I Wanna Lay You Down (with ALO)

Greek Animal Rescue 2017

A gravely ill, abused three-legged stray dog, abandoned in an industrial desert at Aspropyrgos, a town near Athens; a London based charity whose mission is to help the neglected animals of Greece; a group of young volunteers who patrol Aspropyrgos and nurse the strays – these are the characters of the film, in a nightmarish place, a hellhole for many abandoned animals. Does the sick three-legged hound stand any chance of getting adopted, becoming healthy again and running across the fields of Essex? Why are the Greekies, the strays from Greece, so popular when it comes to being adopted abroad? With an unexpected ending, the film tries to discover whether there is any hope for the doomed dogs and for a doomed area outside Athens.

Greek 2007

Casey Cartwright is poised to become the most powerful girl in the Greek system. Rusty, her little brother, is new on campus and he's the geek. But he sees Cyprus-Rhodes University as an opportunity to create a whole new identity.

Tatau 2015

Tatau follows Kyle and Budgie, two twenty-something friends from London that set off to travel the world. Ahead of the journey, Kyle gets a Maori-style tattoo to celebrate their eventual destination: the Cook Islands. When snorkeling in a lagoon, Kyle finds the dead body of a local girl, Aumea, tied up underwater. Returning to the lagoon with the police, Kyle finds her corpse has disappeared. But Kyle knows what he saw. Desperate to uncover what happened, Kyle and Budgie find themselves sucked deeper and deeper into a world of Maori myths, symbols, and hallucinatory visions... until finally the full meaning of Kyle’s tattoo is revealed.

Greek National Team 2015

Four women whose lives have reached a dead end decide to change everything by forming the first ever national curling team in Greece.

Greek Idol

Greek Idol is a reality television competition to find new solo singing talent. Part of the Idol franchise, it is based on the British show Pop Idol created by Simon Fuller. The first season of the show debut on March 5, 2010 on Alpha TV. The second season is scheduled to premiere on 19 February 2011. The show is broadcast simultaneously by Sigma TV in Cyprus. The program, which also holds auditions in Cyprus, aims to discover the best singer with the winner determined by the viewers. Through telephone and SMS text voting, viewers choose Valanto Trifonos as the winner of season one. The series employs a panel of judges who critique the contestants' performances. The original three judges were songwriter and record producer Dimitris Kontopoulos, music instructor Maro Theodoraki, and music video director Kostas Kapetanidis, with media proprietor Petros Kostopoulos being added as a fourth judge at the start of the first live show. As of the second season, the judging panel consists of Kostopoulos, Kapetanidis, and singer Elli Kokkinou. The show is hosted by Roula Koromila.

My Big Fat Greek Life 2003

My Big Fat Greek Life is a sitcom series that ran on CBS in 2003. The series is a continuation on the 2002 movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding and was produced by HBO Television and Tom Hanks's Playtone Productions for Sony Pictures Television. In addition to being the series star, Nia Vardalos oversaw the show as one of the co-executive producers, along with Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson.

Greek Myths True Stories 2010

Greek myths - from Hercules to Adonis - have seeped into our lives, providing inspiration and sources for plots from Hamlet to Happy Days.

Ancient Greek Civilization 2011

Why do the ancient Greeks occupy such a prominent place in conceptions of Western culture and identity? What about them made generations of influential scholars and writers view Hellenic culture as the uniquely essential starting point for understanding the art and reflection that define the West? Does this view tell the whole story?

Greek Legacy - Classical Origins of the Modern World 2008

Matthew Arnold, English poet and literary critic, observed a century ago when considering our Darwinian ancestor—that "hairy quadruped with pointed ears and a tail..."—there seems to have been something in him "that inclined him to Greek." Arnold was suggesting that our basic assumptions about virtually all of the major building blocks of our culture (law, government, religion, science, medicine, drama, architecture, and more) derived ultimately from the ancient Greeks.

Great Greeks

Great Greeks is a television program, produced and broadcast by the Greek television network Skai TV, based on the BBC's equivalent show 100 Greatest Britons. The show features lists and biographies of influential persons, who came to prominence in their fields throughout the history of Greece, in order to be determined through a voting procedure who is considered the greatest Greek of all time by the audience of Greece.

The Greeks 2016

National Geographic's landmark event series, The Greeks, brings together historians, archaeologists, actors, athletes, scientists and artists to launch a groundbreaking exploration into the ancient Greeks' journey - not just to better understand their past, but to discover how their legacy illuminates our present, and will shape our future. The story of the Greeks is the story of us.

The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization 2000

In the fourth and fifth centuries, B.C., the Greeks built an empire that stretched across the Mediterranean from Asia to Spain. They laid the foundation of modern science, politics, warfare and philosophy, and produced some of the most breathtaking art and architecture the world has ever seen. It was perhaps the most spectacular flourishing of imagination and achievement in recorded history.

Greeks on the Roof

Greeks on the Roof was an Australian television talk show that ran for 11 episodes on the Seven Network in 2003. It was hosted by Greek-Australian character Effie and her "family". Based on the format of the British The Kumars at No. 42, each show had interviews with a number of Australian actors and actresses. Guests were involved in Effie's jokes and antics whilst being asked about their career and personal life. Making a guest appearance on the show was Sam Newman, who is a personality on rival network Channel Nine. Also Molly Meldrum, before signing the contract with Seven. Dr. Harry Cooper was also a guest on the show and in promos was told he would reveal his full self by taking off his hat, but in the show he never did. American talk show host Jerry Springer also made a notable guest appearance. Kris Noble was the executive producer of the show. The cast included Angus Sampson as Effie's cousin Dimi.

Survivor Greece 2003

Survivor Greece was the Greek version of the popular reality Survivor. This version of the show aired on Mega TV in Greece for two seasons from 2003 to 2004. While the series was titled "Survivor", it also took elements from Survivor's predecessor Expedition Robinson such as that of the North and South teams. While the series was not considered a flop in Greece is did not achieve the ratings that Mega TV had hoped for and at the end of its second season it was cancelled only to be brought back two years later for a joint season with Turkey. The prize for the first two seasons of the show was 200,000 euros and 250,000 for the third season.

The Storyteller 1988

The StoryTeller is a live-action/puppet television series. It was an American/British co-production which originally aired in 1988 and was created and produced by Jim Henson. Reruns of The StoryTeller episodes were featured in some episodes of The Jim Henson Hour.

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