The Meaning of Life 1983

Life's questions are 'answered' in a series of outrageous vignettes, beginning with a staid London insurance company which transforms before our eyes into a pirate ship. Then there's the National Health doctors who try to claim a healthy liver from a still-living donor. The world's most voracious glutton brings the art of vomiting to new heights before his spectacular demise.

A Quest for Meaning 2015

The film tells the story of two childhood friends who leave everything behind to go question the workings of the world. This incredible, life-changing journey across America, Europe, and Asia encourages us to reconsider our relationship with nature, happiness, and the meaning of life.

The Meaning 1982

The semi-autobiographical film was written by Mahesh Bhatt about his extramarital relationship with actress Parveen Babi.

Jean-François and the Meaning of Life 2018

A twelve-year-old existentialist kid runs away from home to meet his favorite philosopher, Albert Camus, not knowing he has been dead for fifty years. On his way he finds love and rejection for the first time in his life.

Double Meaning 2011

A new female detective joins the special investigations team and dives into some of their hardest cases in this follow-up to the series 'Unfair.' Just as a girl asks the team for help finding her missing father, a man calls to say he has four hostages and makes a cryptic request.

The Meaning of Life 1995

Obstetrician Joey Fong helps childless couple Shiu and Lan kidnap an unloved child and then decides she wants to have a baby with heartless news reporter husband Terrence.

The Meaning of Hugo 2012

Swedish film about a man whose only purpose in life is to do strange things. If something isn't strange, he won't do it. One day he meets Helen, and falls in love. This puts him in a dilemma, since love isn't strange at all... Or is it? This film has everything... Loafs of bread, tooth brushes, keys, hats, a lawyer in a boat, some other people in another boat, a strangely painted cup, plastic animals in a train, real animals of various kinds, socks in the wild, the horizon, a big crazy fish (not real though), an incredible amount of whipped cream, a lamp post in love and some other stuff that you might have been waiting for.

The Creation of Meaning 2014

Set in the breathtaking landscapes of the Apuan Alps in Tuscany, near the Gothic Line where German forces massacred hundreds of civilians before their retreat at the end of WWII. Pacifico Pieruccioni, a shepherd born just following the war, is now one of its last freedom fighters. He is being forced to abandon this life, as his very existence, suspended between the phantoms of a bloody past and the harbingers of an obscure future, must bow to the gestation of the new Europe to come (VIFF synopsis).

Meaning of Robots

This short film profiles the benevolent Mike Sullivan, who has been in the process of shooting a stop-motion robot sex film in his New York City apartment for the last ten years. Obsessed with the meticulous construction of the miniature robot porn stars, his apartment now overflows with thousands, leaving him only tiny paths to navigate and no place to film his epic.

Double Meaning: Yes or No? 2013

A new female detective joins the special investigations team and dives into some of their hardest cases in this follow-up to the series 'Unfair.' The team investigates a grisly video circulating online that asks viewers to answer 'yes' or 'no' questions with potentially deadly outcomes.

The Production of Meaning 2006

Here is the challenge of media democracy: to change the way information flows, the way we interact with the mass media, the way meaning is produced in our society. This DVD – a collection of television spots and video clips produced over the years by regular culture jammers – is proof that anyone can seize the media reins and begin producing real meaning.

The Meaning of Tea 2008

The Meaning of Tea is an engaging and whimsical documentary film that explores the romance and complexities surrounding tea, a universally beloved and widely consumed beverage. Along with offering poignant glimpses at the deeper character of tea, the film sheds light on its many varieties, whose value, use, practices, and traditions are sometimes misunderstood, neglected, and even threatened by today's marketplace.

Meaning of Life 2008

Meaning of life is a poetic short film about seeking happiness. The film gives us insight as to what happiness and good life mean for the habitants of Queens, New York City. Do they share the idea of “American Dream” and is it possible for everyone to achieve this? Meaning of life is filmed on black-and-white film, inspired by the “Man With a Movie Camera”.

Meaning in Action 2013

The film explores ideas relating to inner and outer mental space.

Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life

Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life is a three-part television documentary presented by Richard Dawkins which explores what reason and science might offer in major events of human lives. He argues that ideas about the soul and the afterlife, of sin and God's purpose have shaped human thinking for thousands of years. He believes science can provide answers to some of these old questions we used to entrust to religion.

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life is an Irish television programme, the first series of which was broadcast on RTÉ One in 2009. It is presented by the veteran broadcaster Gay Byrne. Each episode involves Byrne interviewing a well-known public figure. The series is broadcast each Sunday night at 22:20. In 2010 The Meaning of Life returned for both a second and, later, a third series. Interviews with former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and actors Gabriel Byrne and Brenda Fricker during the second series attracted media attention when they spoke of their religious habits and child sexual abuse respectively. Gay Byrne appeared on The Late Late Show on 18 December 2009 to discuss the programme. A fourth series soon followed. Then a fifth series from January 2012. And a sixth in October 2012. And a seventh in January 2013.

The True Meaning of Christmas Specials

The True Meaning of Christmas Specials is a Canadian television Christmas special, hosted by Dave Foley. It was first broadcast on CBC Television on December 22, 2002.

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